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Lilies belong to the family Liliaceae,

which consists of 250 genus and 4–6000 known species. The lily is called after the Greek, Lerion, meaning white lily (Lilium candum), this villi comes from the Northern Hemisphere, and they are monocleidonous, bulbous plants.

Lily habit Lilies bloom in spring or summer time and are grown in well fertilized soil. Best place to plant lilies in the sun but not direct sunlight. It also gives preference to protected areas because Lily does not enjoy flying in the air.

A foot deep hole should be made when planting the lily,

then lined with manure or peat. Plant bulbs and cover them with an inch of compost or peat. As a recommendation the bulbs should be placed in the ground 3 times deeper than their height, thus if the onion is one inch in length, it is 3 inches deep.

Lily plants are great for use in any garden,

though they make a fantastic container plant. Due to its beauty it is extremely popular with florists and in flower shops you will see lots of lilies as they look great in a bouquet. The cut flowers of the lily are usually provided with clean fresh water to survive for eight days. Lily or Lilium is primarily a hardy bulb grown from easily ripening seeds. The bulb is best grown in a cold frame and then must be seen once it is installed. The lily swells in about four to five years, but the wait is worth it. Lily plant gardening questioned



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