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If you have Norton Anti Virus,

do you have 100% peace of mind? I know that I constantly worry about computer viruses. I know many people and more than one company that have lost one or more computers to a malfunctioning or incurable virus.

I was very worried, in fact, that I have done a lot of research on anti-virus software, how it works, and whether or not major providers like Norton AntiVirus give me a reason to rest easy when it comes to my danger. Hard Drive and Privacy Virus.

When you talk about anti-virus software,

it is important to know if it is a big company like Norton AntiVirus or not to know how it works. As you know, computer viruses can come from any location but are usually brought to your computer via an email attachment or by visiting a website with an infected server.

Either way, getting a virus on your computer can create doom for your hard drive.

So how does the software of companies like Norton Anti Virus work? After you find out, you cannot be very confident about the security of your computer. However, keeping in mind that we are the best way to deal with the virus.

For example, Norton AntiVirus,

which is owned by Symantec, is widely considered to be the best antivirus software available to home users. Basically, the software is working from a list of known viruses and is looking for them while working on your computer. It scans each and every file that you knowingly or download, and then checks it against a list of viruses.

If it finds one, it works to repair the file, quarantine the file, or delete it.

However, even with Norton Anti Virus, you are not 100% protected from virus infection. You see, the company has a list of viruses based on people they find on their own, or users like you who send them after being infected.

Therefore, there is always a chance that you will get a virus and be the first to be infected with it. You won’t know about the virus until something goes wrong with your computer and you report it to Norton Anti Virus. They are, then, likely, have you sent them the suspicious file
The truth is that Norton AntiVirus is not correct, in fact, there is no anti-virus software.

Due to the constantly changing nature of viruses.

and the creativity of those who create them, the problem will likely never occur. No, you cannot just relax with 100% peace because you have Norton Anti Virus on your computer with all your updates.

That doesn’t mean it’s not worth it,

just that you still need to be careful. Be aware of which files you are downloading, which attachments you are opening, and even the emails you are viewing have been sent. Keep your anti-virus software



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