If Exotic Ruled The World We Would All Be happy.

The word foreign sets imaginations.

in motion with vivid images of miles of distant tropical islands, clear blue oceans, and pristine white sand beaches. While these images of fantasy are not far from reality, exotic tropical islands are home to some of the world’s most distinctive trees in which exotic hardwood flooring materials are produced.

Along with the full maturation of these ancient trees that reached extreme heights, exotic hardwoods are also found in fallen trees, which have sunk to the bottom of rivers, producing the most distinctive hardwoods in existence today.

With the preservation of all-natural.

habitats of great concern, exotic hardwoods are pruned by the authorities to maintain the current ecology of the country of origin.

Exotic hardwoods offer a number of striking appearances that are clearly distinguished by hardwood flooring materials not found in North America.

Exotic wood is rich in natural and unique design,

with deep textures that breathe and inspire. Where foreign hardwood is not for everyone, those home and business owners who are more aware of their home or place of business often install exotic wood, separating their home or business from all others Huh.

According to the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA).

residential real estate agents agree that it is easier to sell exotic wood paving homes and businesses with higher listings and closing figures while increasing the overall value of the property. Correctly installed exotic hardwoods never have to be replaced and retain the highest quality and durability of all available hardwood flooring materials.

In addition to wall colors,

floor finishes often set the tone of the room that is immediately noticed by all who enter. Floor deficient character with poor color selection; Distinguishing from other features of the room with the appearance of a smaller room than the actual square footage.

When selling a home or business space, the condition and appearance of current floors is often a determining factor in successful or unapproved sales. Floors are more than walking surfaces designed for comfort or convenience; Floors represent pride in ownership and personal characteristics.

Exotic hardwoods are inherently more expensive than traditional.

North American hardwoods due to the complexity of hardwood materials and the limited availability of some species.

At a national average,

foreign timber prices are two times higher per square foot than conventionally installed North American hardwood flooring materials.

However, exotic wood is more than exquisite flooring with deep rich tones and unusual colors, exotic wood is a home investment business or a comfort zone, increased strength with improved durability.

Exotic hardwood installation must be installed professionally.

due to the complexity of the wood and the initial cost per square foot. The additional cost of $ 3- $ 4 per square foot, depending on the selected species and location, charged by professional, experienced installers, is worth the time and extra investment. Either glued or installed in a floating floor fashion, professional installers will recommend the correct method of installation that will provide care-free use for many years.



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