50 Ways To Avoid Insects Arthropods Arachnids Burnout

Insects fall under the phylum arthropods which are characteristic of the joint legs.

Iraq has a wide variety of insects that are brilliantly adapted to the intense heat of the region. The following calculations take the worm characters found in some abundance in Iraq.

Among the insects in Iraq is the major camel spider that can grow as he wishes. It belongs to the order Soplpugida (Latin origin). It is basically a group of arachnids that have about 900 species. This order is also called another name Solpugida. Thus, matevendos (deer killer), sun spider and wind scorpion are other names that belong to this order.

Most solitudes inhabit areas ranging from the tropics and subtropics to grasslands or forests. His two big chillers are the most characteristic. Each cheese era includes two articles that form a powerful pincer. The articles are replete with numerous toothed long pedipalps, which serve as sense organs, also exhibited by Solifuge. So, the function is randomly similar to an insect’s antenna. The presence of two extra legs is given by two pedipalps.

The second desert among insects in Iraq is mantis,

which is mixed in the sand and essentially carnivorous. It begins to move with tremendous speed and is found in all shapes and colors. Large black desert ants inhabit the gulf valley and the acacia mines of Karkur Talh. The Oriental Hornet is another insect found; It can exist as a different species in all extreme temperatures.

The temperate species of the temperate region are also queens and workers in its social system. The fertilized queen nests in springs in hollow trees. She makes an average of fifty standing combs and then lays one egg a week. After undergoing six stages within a week the larva (fed a protein diet by the queen) replaces a silk cap, turning into an adult (metamorphosis).

The workers look after their brother.

Another desert ant in the list of insects in Iraq is the one that lives in the desert and has an intrinsic internal system to take a step. It also leaves a pheromone smelling rail or visual signals so that they can find their way on the same path. Desert scorpions use their claws to catch prey. Then, the telson is bent above and below the victim’s back. Finally, the toxin is injected; It is highly painful for humans. At the back, the mother carries the nymphs, young people.

It feeds on lizards and small vertebrates.

Among insects in Iraq, fog-drinking beets also gain prominence. It has rigid and rugged outer wings, on which fog droplets gather. The large drop is then released which catches the surface of the wing. Finally, the big drop rolls inside parts of the beetle’s mouth in the desert. Other insects are sand spiders that are deadly toxic.

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