15 Things About Exotic You Have To Experience It Yourself.

It used to be that people would.

have to travel abroad to find and collect foreign treasures and decorations to display in their homes. It was usually only the wealthy who could spend time and money, proudly traveling to foreign places in search of cultural artifacts.

The exotic décor not only enhanced the beauty of one’s home but also provided interesting and stimulating conversation pieces.

Today, we truly have the world at our fingertips with internet access.

Now no one has to invest the time and expense of traveling personally to the far corners of the earth to be able to find and collect foreign or cultural decorations. Recalling the thrill of the journey is a loss in itself, yet you can bring alien energy and experience to your home anytime you leave it. These beautiful treasures can be easily delivered to your door.

The first thing is to decide what kind of exotic decoration attracts you.

For example, you can use the term “Asian decoration” to search for decorating ideas. You may be surprised how you will use these keywords using these different cultures and styles of decorations on various search engines, websites and online directories.

Asia is the largest continent in the world and consists of 69 different countries.

So a search for “Asian decor” can return results in the form of oriental style decor, (which may include styles influenced by cultures found in China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam), Middle Eastern or Persian styles, Art and decoration India, Arab and even Russian decoration. When you discover the abundance and diversity of culture and style this vast continent needs to offer, you may have to narrow your search using words that best describe the style of decoration which you are most interested in.

Another style of decoration that brings an exotic feel to your home is tropical decoration.

This is the type of decoration you would expect to see in a luxury island resort. Tropical style decorations usually include pastel or natural colors in various shades of blue, green, beige, pink, orange and brown. These colors mimic the colors found naturally in the sea, corals, seashells, beaches, sand, palm trees, bright blue skies and sultry sunsets.

You can also use bright,

vivid colors in red, yellow, orange, green and purple to represent the gorgeous and striking colors found in tropical flowers, tropical birds, tropical fish, and coral reefs. Natural elements and textures are important aspects of tropical style decoration. Examples of this include furniture and decorations made from tropical plants such as bamboo, teak, rattan, and abaca.

An advantage of decorating with products made from these plants is that they are considered sustainable or renewable resources.

This is because these types of plants grow very fast and controlled harvesting of them actually promotes rapid growth. Other items found in tropical areas that help bring natural elements and textures to the theme of tropical decorations include seashells, corals, starfish, polished stones, sand and tropical plants such as palms and ferns.

Although taking a trip to the tropics to get ideas and materials would be most preferred, online shopping makes it an easy, convenient option. A casual, natural, relaxed atmosphere that can be brought to your home on a tropical subject after the difficult task of office, place of work, etc.

There are many ways to add a foreign touch to any place.

So many different styles and art mediums are an excellent source for inspiration. Metal wall art is a great way to add a dimension to both textures. Copper is often used by artists because of its versatility.

Copper looks beautiful when it is polished and shiny, but the finish can also be chemically treated to create intensely interesting patterns and designs.

Even the exposure to copper elements naturally decreases, the protective coating called patina. Some like this archaic



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